Song of the day:  Audacity—“Ears and Eyes.”  Still one of my absolute favorites in the Volar catalog.  I happened to be in LA while they were recording this 7” (released in conjunction with I Hate Rock n Roll Records) with our good buddy Rob Barbato producing (who you might know from Darker My Love and, more recently, La Sera).  They were in the middle of trying to get this song—still unfinished—down at the time.  I remember looking at Rob and Jon and saying, “we get to release this song?”  They’ve since rerecorded this for the upcoming LP on Burger, and keep an eye out for their big US tour in August/September.  Cover art by another good bud, Tim Presley (Darker My Love, White Fence).  We still have a couple of color copies available here—www.volarrecords.bigcartel.com

#audacity #darkermylove #lasera #whitefence

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